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Technical Specifications

Overall Length 195 cm
Overall Width 107 cm
To suit Inside Leg 70 cm (27 1/2") to 95 cm (37")
Seat to handlebars to
Max User Weight 100 Kg (220lbs)
Wheel Size (Front) 20"
Wheel Size (Rear) 20"
Seat to ground 58 cm
Top of Seat to ground 58 cm

Product FAQ

Q. How can I see one of your tricycles?

Theraplay has a network of agents and mobility dealers across the mainland UK. If you would like to organise a demonstration, please call our head office on 0141 876 9177 and we can put you in touch with your nearest specialist.

Q. Is there any assistance available for funding?

Theraplay has close links with a large number of charities and organisations which provide funding assistance for the purchase of our cycles. We have developed these links over the years and are now either the sole supplier or prefererred supplier with many of these organisations. The charities work hard to assist families with their funding requests but sometimes it is not possible to grant either full funding or part funding, we would therefore recommend approaching more than one charity with your request.  

Further details can be found in the Resources Section of this website. Contact us for advice on the application procedure.


Branding Suitable For
Teenagers and Adults

This side-by-side is the most sociable way to cycle with a companion. Adjustable seating with easy access makes the Fun-2-Go a relaxing cycling experience.

PRICES FROM - £5400.00

The Fun-2-Go cycle is a popular item for cycling projects and special schools where larger children or adults can cycle together in a safe and sociable way. The Fun-2-Go enables two riders to cycle side by side, one rider controls the steering and braking but both riders can pedal either together or independently. The cycle is fitted with an 8 Speed gear and an electric power assistance unit can also be added if the terrain is a bit more hilly.

The relaxed seating position with the pedals mounted in front of the rider allows easier access onto the cycle. Both seats are independently adjustable, sitting on sliding rails which allow quick adjustments. The Fun-2-Go has a low centre of gravity which gives greater stability when cornering.

Additional seating support can be added to the seats or pedals if a rider requires a little more support.


Standard Colours