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Sometimes a little extra support is needed to help keep the rider safe and secure when cycling. Theraplay has developed a range of accessories which provides support in the key areas where the rider comes into contact with the cycle. These supports can be easily added or removed if no longer required. The supports are intended for use on Theraplay cycles only.

Folding Frame Mechanism - Small

PRODUCT CODE # FOM1 This item permits the front section of the frame to be folded or detached from the rear for storage or transportation.

£56.00(£67.20 inclusive of VAT)

Frame Folding Mechanism - Large

PRODUCT CODE # FOM2 The frame can be folded or separated into two sections within seconds and no tools are required.

£56.00(£67.20 inclusive of VAT)

Standard Fixed Gear

The pedals rotate as the wheels rotate, this is the best method of getting beginners to cycle.

Option Drive Gear

PRODUCT CODE # TFF24 This is a new development which allows the cycle to be ridden in either fixed or freewheel modes.

£96.00(£115.20 inclusive of VAT)

Basic Seat Post & Saddle

PRODUCT CODE # SP1 This seat post allows the saddle to be adjusted in height.

T Style Seat Post & Saddle

PRODUCT CODE # SP2 The T-shaped Seat Post allows the seat post to be adjusted both vertically and horizontally for growth.

£18.00(£21.60 inclusive of VAT)

Seat Post with Trunk Support Mount & Saddle

PRODUCT CODE # SP3 This seat post is required if a back support or hip support is required by the rider. It can be adjusted vertically and horizontally for growth.

£68.00(£81.60 inclusive of VAT)

Comfort Saddle

PRODUCT CODE # A5 The Comfort Saddle combines a broad seating surface with a small back support.

£45.00(£54.00 inclusive of VAT)

Contour Saddle

PRODUCT CODE # A10 A padded contoured saddle which provides the rider with the maximum level of comfort and support.

£145.00(£174.00 inclusive of VAT)