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First developed in 1970, more children have grown up using the Tri-Lo (Thistle) brand of hand cycles than any other cycles. Easy to pedal and control with a comfortable seating position for hours of fun, the Theraplay handcycles are designed specifically to provide fun therapy and independence for children with Spina Bifida and for any other child where the use of the lower limbs is restricted. 

The robust frame has allowance for growth to ensure the rider can gain a comfortable sitting position. Braking is provided by a reverse braking system which means the rider's hands never have to leave the hand pedals when controlling the trike.

Suitable From
2½ Years

Mini Tri-Lo

Designed for younger children as a first cycle, the Mini Tri-Lo has an easy to pedal gear with a broad seat for comfort and support.

Height Range 71 cm (28") to 94 cm (37")

Suitable From
4½ Years

Standard Tri-Lo

The Standard Tri-Lo is designed for children from around 4 1/2 to nine years. Larger rear wheels provide greater comfort over bumpy ground.

Height Range 94 cm (37") to 120 cm (47")

Suitable From
8 Years

Large Tri-Lo

The third size in the Tri-Lo range is designed for larger children and adults of shorter stature. This models has 20" wheels for increased comfort and greater speed.

Height Range 110 cm (43") to 138 cm (54")