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Swivel Seat Mechanism


PRODUCT CODE # TSM1 This feature allows the saddle to be moved to enable easier access onto the cycle.

The Swivel feature allows the saddle to be moved from its central position to a 45 degree angle to either the right or left side. A combination of a locking lever and a spring plunger allows the saddle to be locked in place for transfer or cycling. Once the rider is seated the saddle can be moved into the central position for cycling. The seat moves effortlessly on sealed bearings.

Who is it for?

This option is particularly useful for riders who are able to make assisted standing transfers or if a hoist is used for lifting the rider onto the cycle.

What types of cycle can this be fitted onto?

The Swivel Mechanism can be used on the Terrier tricycle, TMX tricycle, TMX T5 tricycle, Tracker 20" tricycle, Tracker T5 20" tricycle, Tracker 24" tricycle, Tracker T5 24" tricycle and both sizes of QUAD cycles. It can be used with the basic saddle types, Contour Saddle and Tractor Style Saddle.