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Technical Specifications

Overall Length 1000mm (39 1/2")
Overall Width 610mm (24")
To suit Inside Leg 320mm (12 1/2") to 430mm (17")
Seat to handlebars 280mm (11") to 370mm (14 1/2")
Max User Weight 32kg (70lbs)
Wheel Size (Front) 12 1/2"
Wheel Size (Rear) 12 1/2"
Seat to ground 430mm (17")

Product FAQ

Q. What is the age range of your tricycles?

Our tricycles cater for ages from 2 1/2 years through to adult. Our sizing chart will guide you to the most suitable size of tricycle.


Tricycle Size Guide

TriLo Size Guide


Contact us if you need any assistance or advice with the product dimensions.

Q. How can I transport/store your larger tricycles?

All of our tricycle models - with the exception of the IMP - can be supplied with a frame folding mechanism. This will allow the tricycle to be split into two pieces for ease of storage and transport.

This is an option and must be specified when ordering your tricycle.

Q. How can I see one of your tricycles?

Theraplay has a network of agents and mobility dealers across the mainland UK. If you would like to organise a demonstration, please call our head office on 0141 876 9177 and we can put you in touch with your nearest specialist.

Q. Is there any assistance available for funding?

Theraplay has close links with a large number of charities and organisations which provide funding assistance for the purchase of our cycles. We have developed these links over the years and are now either the sole supplier or prefererred supplier with many of these organisations. The charities work hard to assist families with their funding requests but sometimes it is not possible to grant either full funding or part funding, we would therefore recommend approaching more than one charity with your request.  

Further details can be found in the Resources Section of this website. Contact us for advice on the application procedure.


Branding Suitable From
2½ Years

Designed with younger children in mind, it is suitable for children from 2½ years.

Product Code # TI1

The IMP is the smallest tricycle in our range, small but perfectly formed with a low gear ratio for easier pedalling. It is fitted with 12½" wheels and small diameter handlebars for smaller fingers and hands. It has a fixed gear to help the rider coordinate their pedalling action and the IMP can be fitted with a selection of optional positioning accessories to provide comfort and support if the rider needs it.

"My son Henry can sometimes be very upset around new things and James really dealt with him so well!

Henry was not being co-operative at all when James wanted him to try the trike.If you could let James know that Henry now LOVES his trike and has spent the majority of the weekend on it, as I knew he would!

Thank you so much again."

K. Gibbs

Standard Colours

Optional Colours

Build your own version of this product by combining accessories to suit your child's specific needs!