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Mini Tri-Lo

Technical Specifications

Overall Length 1020mm (40")
Overall Width 640mm (25")
To suit Inside Leg to
Seat to handlebars 305mm (12") to 480mm (19")
Max User Weight 32kg (70 lbs)
Wheel Size (Front) 12 1/2"
Wheel Size (Rear) 16"
Seat to ground 330 mm (13")
Top of Seat to ground 330 mm (13")

Product FAQ

Q. What is the age range of your tricycles?

Our tricycles cater for ages from 2 1/2 years through to adult. Our sizing chart will guide you to the most suitable size of tricycle.


Tricycle Size Guide

TriLo Size Guide


Contact us if you need any assistance or advice with the product dimensions.

Q. How can I transport/store your larger tricycles?

All of our tricycle models - with the exception of the IMP - can be supplied with a frame folding mechanism. This will allow the tricycle to be split into two pieces for ease of storage and transport.

This is an option and must be specified when ordering your tricycle.

Q. How can I see one of your tricycles?

Theraplay has a network of agents and mobility dealers across the mainland UK. If you would like to organise a demonstration, please call our head office on 0141 876 9177 and we can put you in touch with your nearest specialist.

Branding Suitable From
2½ Years

Designed for younger children as a first cycle, the Mini Tri-Lo has an easy to pedal gear with a broad seat for comfort and support.

Product Code # TM1

Tri-Lo Hand propelled tricycles are designed specifically to provide fun therapy and independence for children with Spina Bifida and any other conditions where the use of lower limbs is restricted. Combining a robust frame with an easy to pedal drive unit the Tri-Lo enables children to get underway easily. Steering and braking is controlled through the hand cranks which allows children to learn to ride quickly. A broad seat with a padded backrest and a pelvic strap ensures a comfortable seating position when cycling. 

Other additional supports can be added to provide greater posutural contol. A parent handle can be added if assistance when pedalling is required and a rear carrier basket can also be fitted to provide carrying capacity for essential toys and supplies.

Standard Colours

Optional Colours