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Therapy Bikes are fitted with dynamic stabilisers which enable the rider to lean into corners when using the cycle. This dynamic movement provides the rider with a more realistic cycling experience when compared to a bicycle fitted with fixed stabilisers. The stabilisers are more robust than standard store-bought items and are designed for long term usage. The Amico Therapy Bikes are designed with a low step-through frame and are fitted with quality components.

Suitable From
4½ Years

16" Amico Bike

Therapy cycles are fitted with dynamic stabilisers which allow the rider to develop a better sense of balance when riding. This model is the starter size in our range.

Suitable From
8 Years

20" Amico Bike

Fitted with 20" wheels, a 5-speed gear and a light set this Amico 20" cycle is designed to children who want to cycle with friends and family.

Suitable From

24" Amico Bike

The largest model in the Amico range is for older children and teenagers. Fitted with 24" wheels and a 5-speed gear, this cycle opens the potential for longer cycle rides.