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Where are Theraplay special needs cycles manufactured?

Each Theraplay special needs cycle is hand built in Glasgow and is designed around the individual requirements of each rider. From comfort to safety, we will provide a product which will provide years of enjoyment.

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What is important to the Theraplay engineers building my adapted tricycle?

  • APPEARANCE - Looking good and feeling comfortable is important. Modern styling, the use of quality components and a choice of 10 frame colours mean that we have something for everyone.
  • GEARING OPTIONS - All models are fitted with a low ratio 1:1 fixed gear (1 revolution of the pedals to 1 revolution of the wheels). This enables the rider to get going easily, allows the tricycle to be reversed and helps to slow speeders. The gear ratio can be changed to increase the speed of the cycle depending upon the rider's ability to control it. Alternative gear types can be fitted such as freewheel, Option Drive (both fixed and freewheel) and 5 speed indexed gear (only on T5 models).
  • FRAME GEOMETRY - Designed to make pedalling easy, the frame geometry enables the rider to have a smooth even pedalling motion while maintaining a comfortable position.
  • DUAL AXLE DRIVE - A unique dual axle drive system has been developed to reduce resistance when pedalling. This feature ensures that our cycles are the easiest to pedal. If used in conjunction with a low gearing option, riders with very low muscle tone can enjoy the freedom of cycling independently.
  • STABILITY - All models are designed with a low centre of gravity, a broad wheelbase and a wide rear axle for stability. A steering stop limiter is fitted to control the turning circle of the tricycle. If extra stability is required, then a TRACER model or a QUAD cycle is recommended.
  • OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES - A range of accessories enable customisation to suit a rider's positional and support requirements.