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Theraplay has over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of cycles for riders with special needs. Throughout these years we have conducted thousands of assessments and as a result we have learned to never take anything for granted, some riders may have the physical ability to cycle but may not enjoy the sensation of pedalling and movement, whilst others who may have complex physical difficulties may be able to pedal if supported in an appropriate manner.

At Theraplay we strongly believe that it is very important to let the rider try a cycle to ensure that they enjoy the idea of pedalling before placing an order. These assessments are carried out by Theraplay representatives or our authorised dealers, who have undergone our product training and cycle assessment course.

The assessment is carried out to determine the most suitable cycle and accessory package for the rider. Every rider is unique, that is why Theraplay has over 20 models with many additional positioning accessories, so there are literally thousands of potential combinations. 

At the end of the assessment, the rider will be provided with a detailed product prescription and its price which can be used for ordering or when applying for funding support.