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These cycles are designed to allow two people to cycle together. Theraplay offers a variety of cycles where people can cycle together either both pedalling or with one being transported as a passenger. The following models are our most popular choices. Theraplay also works with a number of other manufacturers so if you do not see what you are looking for, let us know and we will happily source an alternative.

Suitable From
4½ Years

Velo Plus

The Velo-Plus is an easy to use wheelchair transporter which enables wheelchair users to enjoy the sensation of cycling.

Suitable From
4½ Years


The O-Pair Wheelchair cycle combines a cycle with a fully functioning wheelchair. This is an ideal product for family cycle rides, enabling the wheelchair user to remain comfortable throughout the day.

Suitable For
Teenagers and Adults


This side-by-side is the most sociable way to cycle with a companion. Adjustable seating with easy access makes the Fun-2-Go a relaxing cycling experience.